La Havana Madrid Stealing the Hearts of Chicago

The revival of a popular 1960’s nightclub in the Lakeview neighborhood, La Havana Madrid, has shook the Chicago Theater community with positive reviews. This story, written by the overnight superstar Sandra Delgado, follows a Caribbean nightclub where Latino’s would gather after arriving in Chicago. From the words of actor Ian Rigg, it is a show made to “celebrate and remember.”

With a live band on stage, the audience catches themselves thinking that they are actually inside of a nightclub where love and music are synonymous. Being a borderline monologue play, you hear many stories of Latino’s coming from around the world searching for a better life. The talent in the show are so refreshingly believable with everything they do, which sucks you into the show from the very start.

Sandra Delgado is a well-known name in the Chicago community now and has basically become a celebrity overnight. The Chicago Park District announced that this playwright will be featured in Theater on the Lake’s new play commission. Readings of her dark comedy, “Felons and Familias,” will be read in many neighborhood’s around Chicago, where “park patrons” can give their reviews. Just like La Havana Madrid, “Delgado has constructed a compelling compendium of tales, expertly woven together. She hasn’t exhumed stories long buried; she’s resurrected them.”



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