Musical Theater in Chicago

Need a last-minute date idea? Say no more. The Chicago musical theater scene is here to help! Check out the top three shows below:

  1. “Marry me a Little.” This two-person musical will pull at all of your heart strings. Playing at Stage 773 in Lakeview.
  2. “Aladdin.”  This musical will bring back your childhood. Playing at the Cadillac Palace Theater in the Loop.
  3. “Hamilton.” A hip-hip and R&B sensation that came to Chicago, this musical will leave you at a loss for words.

“Spamilton” Takes Chicago by Storm

Gerard Alessandrini has created a spoof of the famous Hamilton musical, and Chicago is loving it.  Keeping talent local, the show glorifies Miranda, played by young actor Yando Lopez, an up-and-comer determined to save Broadway with his rhymes. The talented cast of Hamilton made their way to the show, and even they were impressed.

For tickets, you don’t have to wait a year and pay a month’s rent. Buy tickets here.

On a budget? Say no More.

Did you know that Chicago is home to over 205 theaters? Shows are opening every week, so here’s a few shows I recommend that won’t break the bank:

  1. “Wig Out!”  A tale of “Community, queer sub-culture and sexuality.” Written by the writer of Moonlight. This show is playing at DePaul University for $10. “
  2. “Strangest Things! The Musical” takes us back to a time when “hair was huge, the music was loud, and parents were nowhere to be found.” This is Playing at Greenhouse Theater for $20.
  3. “Circle Mirror Transformation” Pulitzer Prize-winner Annie Baker dissects human behavior through the microscope of an acting class. Playing at Redtwist Theater for $30.

Must-See Shows in April

What does Chicago get right? The diversity that is shown at each theater in the windy city. There are musicals and plays from many different origins that will make you feel different emotions every time. Feeling Boujee? Make your way to Cadillac Palace Theater for Aladdin, the musical that was nominated for five Tony Awards. Not a musical person? Head over to Steppenwolf in Lincoln Park, one of the best theaters in the world, for a deep show inspired by a nightclub where Caribbean-Latino immigrants gathered in the 60’s.

A Young Artist’s Hustle to Making Dreams a Reality

Stephanie Clemens wanted to spread her love for dance from her hometown of Hollywood, California to Chicago, Illinois. She was inspired by her neighbor, Diageliev dancer Adolph Bolm whom suggested she take ballet class at a young age. She started from the bottom and made her way to founding MOMENTA, a company with over 600 students, including a preschool that will allow students to see the world through art. The dance program offers classical ballet and codified modern techniques like Graham, Humphrey and jazz. Where do I sign up?